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the project

The challenge of making a company website that breathes innovation and disruption is great. Summit Hub carries with it the responsibility of being one of the great leaders of the new Brazilian entrepreneurship and, above all, has the power to connect people who can make this transformation possible.

Connecting was also the objective of our project, which in addition to offering a page with a differentiated graphical interface, I had to clearly demonstrate the three products that make up the Summit Hub, making this navigation very natural and easier for the user.


Summit Hub

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Duck Design Studio
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Eduardo Matos
Gabriel Sauer
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Eduardo Matos
Front-end dev.
Eduardo Matos

Website objectives:

Show the brand's innovation DNA
Clearly present Summit Hub products
Collect maintainer contacts

O processo

01 - Research/Benchmark

Based on the references and the conversation we had with the customer, we understood the message that we should pass on to the user and how we should direct navigation and the customer's experience. The choice for a one-page website was a decision made based on the data we collect and analyze.

02 - Sketch

After our research was completed, we left for our sketch book. Scribbling ideas is the best way to quickly validate whether they are useful or can be discarded, saving time in production. Through various tests, we were able to find a solution that suited the problem we were trying to solve.

03 - Wireframe

In the last phase before the final interface was executed, we still grouped the information in blocks so that the layout of the website could be made clearly. Through a wireframe we ended up having a very solid basis to execute the final design, seen today on the air.


Selo Duck Grafite
Duck Design Studio.
Duck Design Studio.