the project

Start Zero Pro, from Gramado / RS, is a Summit Hub product (Gramado Summit, Start Zero, Summit Talks) that seeks to deliver the best of the Brazilian masterclass in the area of ​​innovation and entrepreneurship, seeking to become the definitive solution in the training of modern and practical administrators.

Duck was entrusted with all responsibility for creating the user experience and grass product interface, having a direct influence on the students' learning process. Start Zero Pro is a great example of the capacity that Gramado and region represent for the national market and innovation.


Summit Hub (Start Zero Pro)

design studio
Duck Design Studio
UI Designer
Gabriel Sauer
UX Designers
Eduardo Matos
Gabriel Sauer
Front-end Dev.
Eduardo Matos

creating and shaping
a unique product

value content
of quality

Before starting to develop the interface, we had access to some of the pilot content of the Start Zero Pro project. In addition to the presence of big names, we noticed the very high level of quality of the filming, the richness of the content presented there and the differentiated technology of streaming video that was used for the consumption of classes.

The perception of Duck was instantly that the interface that we would create for this platform should not be a protagonist, but rather a complement that would serve as a basis for the promotion of the other great differentials that Start Zero Pro offers its user.

communicating with the
new Brazilian entrepreneur

understanding the
target audience

A step of absurd importance for the success of any product, digital or not, is to understand who will use it. Within this project, which has a target audience of new entrepreneurs, we suck from the references that are already consumed by them, instigating a feeling of naturalness in the first experiences of use, so that we could reduce the learning curve time to the maximum. within the platform.

At this point, Netflix was an excellent inspiration as it is exactly the case for an interface that does not divide the user's attention and serves as a showcase for excellent quality content. The Medium blog system was also a great reference in terms of content consumption, providing an extremely favorable environment for educational reading, with no interruption in the texts. Both services are already used by a large part of the potential Start Zero Pro audience.

Start Zero Pro
creation video 54 9 9926 9196

R. Madre Verônica, 250 - Sala 403
Centro, Gramado - RS (Brazil)

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