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Saint Vestky is a high jewelry brand from Porto Alegre / RS that seeks to be the symbol of an elite that is not only financially consolidated but that above all values ​​good taste. Artistic references and extremely limited pieces are great characteristics of this brand that was conceived, named, and characterized by Duck.


Saint Vetsky

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a creator leveraging his
creation to the state of the art.

communicating correctly with the desired audience.

In the first contact, the jeweler Marcelo presented us with the problem of his current jewelry brand: he manufactured, sold, and resold several jewelries, with totally different values ​​and with different audiences under the same brand. One of the best-known maxims within Branding is that it is impossible to communicate with everyone in the same way.

From this problem brought by the client, together with him, we broke the old brand that centralized all audiences in three independent and different brands: the first, Saint Vestky, seeks to add the best in Marcelo Santafé's creations. Collections that seek to escape the traditional and classic high jewelry presented by brands already consolidated in the market. A brand that, above all, celebrates and exalts the creativity and good taste that are printed on the best materials available in extremely limited runs.

conceiving the name
from the inspiration

hypermodernity mirrored
in the pieces

To build the name of Saint Vestky, we did extensive research to understand Marcelo's influences as a jeweler. When exploring a bit of these reference we find a very curious characteristic: the diversity of approaches: from traditional religious forms to pieces that use emojis and other common and typical artifacts of today.

This combination of completely different elements that originally did not have any connection is a very strong characteristic of the artistic creations of our time: hypermodernity. With the vast and easy access to information, these "pieces" belonging to different contexts and times come together in the current pieces, which are characterized precisely for not following a "rule". Based on this observation, we understand that Marcelo's work was very close to hypermodernity and we decided to honor the philosopher who built this theory: Giles Lipovestky. Using the suffix that ends its name + the prefix Saint to bring the tone of virtuosity desired, we find the perfect name for the brand.

For the visual concept of the brand, we seek to translate the sobriety and lightness enhanced by luxury, seeking to make all the highlight and attention of the brand to the jeweler, thus the identity becomes a support through colors, fonts and graphic elements that glimpse the products of Saint Vetsky.

Selo Duck Grafite
Duck Design Studio.
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