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the project

For more than 9 years in the market, the real estate company Mapa do Imóvel is a reference in sales, innovation, and customer service in Gramado. Precisely to reflect these values ​​on a site at the height, Mapa got in touch with us for a very interesting problem: even with a large flow of accesses and attraction, users did not convert or exploit the properties on the site anymore. From this feedback, we conducted the website redesign project!


Mapa do Imóvel

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Duck Design Studio
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Gabriel Sauer
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Eduardo Matos

immersion in the problem
and interview with the team

searching for
properties as a villain

The first step was to understand what was causing the lack of exploitation of users on the site and from data collected in user navigation tracking tools, we noticed a major problem in the site search, which had many clicks and was difficult understanding of the user, who, frustrated, gave up browsing and greatly increased the rejection rate of the site.

Old search: 32s - 9 clicks - Average

In view of this, we interviewed some real estate agents to understand what are the main criteria for a property search in the Gramado region and converging this data with our secondary and referential surveys, which sought to understand the behavior of this user on other sites that are relevant to him. family members (e-commerces, news sites, etc.) we have built a unique and personalized property search solution, fully adapted, and customized to the needs of Mapa.

New search: 7s - 2 clicks - Average

design solves

the interface is an
important part of the experience

In addition to solving usability problems, our goal in the redesign was also to enhance the properties and the content related to them from a more modern and minimalist approach. From the choice of fonts to the layout of the photos, the entire interface was designed to facilitate the enchantment process on the part of those interested in the properties and to generate enough confidence for the contacts to happen and the time inside the site to increase.

well thought out
solutions bring results

the new site changed
the level of Mapa do Imóvel.

Online since February 2019, the new Mapa website has catalyzed the quantity and especially the quality of the contacts received by the real estate agency, having reaped the fruits of having invested intelligently in the website and in the continuity of the service that begins on the website and culminates in physical part, with guided tours by the brokers and bringing a client much more equipped with information regarding the properties, insurance of interest.

Selo Duck Grafite
Duck Design Studio.
Duck Design Studio.