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Jober is a startup that emerged with the goal of being the complete and definitive solution in the search for jobs, connecting and bringing people closer to the job options most compatible with their profile. The startup stood out by winning the Battle of Startups of the 2017 edition of Gramado Summit and is also part of the StartSe portfolio.

Recreating the Jober brand, reformulating the company's visual identity and logo was our mission. Through in-depth research, we seek to represent concepts that highlight connection, innovation, modernity, and technology in their new identity, transforming Jober into a more contemporary brand and closer to its audience.



Design studio
Duck Design Studio
Brand designer
Vinícius Muller
Gabriel Sauer
"Of all jobs, yours."

The first step is immersion

Our first step in the project, before anything else, was to do in-depth research that gave the basis for creating the brand. This research involved looking for several factors that influenced the decisions we made throughout the process to arrive at the final result, we seek to understand several issues, such as:

- To which audience did the brand communicate and who was its target audience?
- Who were the main competitors and how did they make their communication and brand?

In addition to seeking and deepening our studies in several references that were collected and analyzed together with the client.

Formulating concept

With the finalized survey in hand, it was much clearer to us how we should create Jober's new brand and visual identity. For the creation of the logo, we focused on bringing together some concepts that were defined together with the client, and that represented the company's objective: connection, innovation, modernity, and technology.

Through these concepts, we created and researched some symbols and words that would represent in a more visual way the data that were collected in the research.

Creation of the logo and visual identity

Finally, to create the logo and the visual identity itself, all the concepts studied and analyzed in the previous steps were applied. The main objective of the logo created was to represent the two sides that are connected in a job search: those looking for and those who hire.

The brand identity continues with shades of gray and Jober green, which was the color we defined and called Jober and would be a key point for the company to be a differentiator compared to other competitors in the industry. The font used pulls the brand to this more modern side, bringing an air of innovation and technology, which is what highlights the intelligence that Jober brings to facilitate the search for jobs. 54 9 9926 9196

R. Madre Verônica, 250 - Sala 403
Centro, Gramado - RS (Brazil)

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