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Don Felipe is a developer with a lot of history. For almost 2 decades, the family business has been expanding and collaborating with the wonderful and authentic enterprises that make up the beloved grassy horizon. Despite traditional and strong roots, the relentless search for technology and small innovations that add quality to their projects have always been a very strong characteristic of Don Felipe, who, due to this characteristic, did not feel very well represented by his old website. There was a concern that these adjectives were not communicated correctly to potential customers and suppliers and it was from this that we started the redesign process.


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In our research meetings, when interviewing the main people involved in the project, we were able to identify that the main problem of the old site was actually a frustration of the incorporator's board: the site no longer represented all the concepts of modernity implanted in the last works and seemed out of date and disconnected from what had been done in the last years of Don Felipe. Reflection of a generation change in management that consequently affected the identity of the company's colors, fonts and materials.

It is very interesting to understand the role of design to reframe what has been built for so long and how it signals changes within a company. No company can survive without innovating and becoming a cyclical and constant process, and nothing more natural than design to represent these constant transformations that shape a company. This was certainly the case with Incorporator Don Felipe.

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Much of this new phase that was being built by Don Felipe was represented by his latest projects under construction, and, mainly, by San Telmo, a very symbolic construction for the developer as it brought together several features that were shaped from the company's conclusions in relation to the future. In its project, San Telmo aggregates smart solutions related to sustainability, mobility and materials, and extremely good taste in design, quality of finishes, and the marketing positioning of your building. All these characteristics that were very well added to the project should also be reflected in Don Felipe's main brand - and that's why we were inspired by the construction of San Telmo to give this new look to the site - making it not just a project identity but yes of the entire brand.

The redesign proved to be successful in working with the rich content and quality of the Incorporator's projects. The website has become, above all, a catalyst for the beautiful projects of the developer and when our client's product has such visual appeal, our job is definitely to show even more and not compete for attention with these materials. We also work to facilitate the information of each apartment and the building in general, presenting a concept, location, separating the images and plans of each apartment, and leaving a link so that the broker can access his own system and download all materials at once. 54 9 9926 9196

R. Madre Verônica, 250 - Sala 403
Centro, Gramado - RS (Brazil)

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