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the project

Define and characterize the recently created Colombo & Dos Santos office, formed by two young lawyers who seek to differentiate themselves in a market as competitive in the Serra Gaúcha, Rio Grande do Sul. The brand, material, and website construction project was also a process of great reflection and self-discovery with the partners, to elucidate their purpose and what would be their position in the market.


Colombo dos Santos

design studio
Duck Design Studio
art direction
Vinícius Muller
research and content
Gabriel Sauer
Gabriel Sauer
Eduardo Matos

self-discovery and conversation:
the search for purpose

reflections conducted
with the partners

Before we even started the research, we tried to talk to the partners and encourage them to reflect on several points related to their purpose as an office. What motivated them to leave their comfortable jobs in consolidated offices to take on the challenge on their own? How does the office see itself before its competitors? What were their favorite superheroes?

From long conversations like this, we were able to understand several points and conduct a productive process of self-discovery, generating, together, the most important value of any brand: its purpose.

insights to
contrasting yourself

archetypes, production, and differentiation

After clearly achieving the purpose of breaking with the rigidity of traditional services within the area of ​​law, we proceeded to the study related to the tone of voice, made by choosing two archetypes to facilitate the visualization of the client to achieve the tone desired voice. On top of this personality, we work to highlight the differentiation of Colombo & Dos Santos in comparison with the
competition, providing deep commercial arguments to be used in the justification of the customer's choice.

Besides, we also participate in the production of services, to make service intentions compatible with the purpose of the office, simplifying, and grouping services into packages that are easy for customers to understand.

concern with the
traditional market

a modern, reliable
and restless brand

The choice of colors, fonts, and symbols focused entirely on moving through the personality defined by the firm - restless but not rebellious, modern but not disruptive. It is possible to work with a brand with personality without leaning towards any of the extremes and to reinforce the position on prudence.

The choice of fonts comes precisely in line with the modern vision of serif fonts, which remains in the traditional, but modernizes and refreshes it. Choosing colors is just another way of positioning yourself in a modern way, distancing yourself from the red or blue tone that is usually used by local competition.

Selo Duck Grafite
Duck Design Studio.
Duck Design Studio.