the project

CODI, from Caxias do Sul / RS, is an industrial production management solution that involves hardware and software to give the company control and an overview of absolutely all aspects that affect the production of its machines.

When trying to display all this large amount of information on a smaller screen, CODI approached us with the need to bring experience, organization, and cutting-edge design so that the display of a large amount of data was well organized on a smartphone screen.



design studio
Duck Design Studio
Gabriel Sauer
Ux/Ui Designers
Gabriel Sauer
Eduardo Matos

immersion within
the user's need

the context

Before starting the development of the project, we attended a CODI meeting with one of its customers to understand the usage profile, the pains, needs, and expectations of customers in relation to the system. By absorbing these aspects, we started in-depth interviews with the project's stakeholders, understanding the existing system and its functioning.

In a second step, we visited an industry that used the CODI system for its operation and when doing this immersion we absorb details of the real usage scenario of the different types of users and how the navigation flow of the coming app could positively affect the productivity of the industry's production routine.

analytical and referential
research to guide the design

documentation and analysis

After the entire immersion process, we proceed to our research stage, where we consume all the inputs absorbed in the immersion stages and document all of our observations. In this research, we were able to identify three types of users who have different objectives within the system and

we were able to understand what information should be prioritized for each profile, customizing shortcuts and flows focusing on the objectives of each of these. We also brought several references and analyzed them to absorb and enrich the CODI mobile product.

wireframes and
interface design

creating the app prototypes

Validating the research with the client, we were confident to proceed with the construction of wireframes, which are structural blocks of content that guide navigation in relation to the ordering of elements and structures in general, but without a visual yet. Being successful in showing this flow of screens and structural issues, we set out to assemble the final design of the interface and its respective Design System

which is a compilation of components that are repeated throughout the system and allow the customer to make new screens after the end of the project without the need for a designer, considering that there is only a demand to fit certain standard components within the needs of the new screen. 54 9 9926 9196

R. Madre Verônica, 250 - Sala 403
Centro, Gramado - RS (Brazil)

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