the project

Banca da Matriz is an instant classic market launched in Canela, Rio Grande do Sul state, in 2020 and which had direct participation from Duck on the whole creation and conception of the brand. Seeking a business model that would revere the resident before the tourist (running away from the city standard model), the local seeks to offer spices and products such as cheese, ham, and grains at fair prices.


Banca da Matriz

design studio
Duck Design Studio
Gabriel Sauer
Eduardo Matos
art direction / brand design
Vinícius Muller
João Victor Graziola

materializing concepts
and studying the market

out of the local
communication standard

The Banca da Matriz partners came to Duck with a business idea and with the feeling to be passed on very clearly - to rescue the traditional customer service found until today in the public markets of large Brazilian cities. But how to do this in a city that is already used to practice high prices in a location traditionally occupied by tourist attractions and with a product that is more expensive by way of characteristic?

Within this challenge, we understand how the local commerce that was frequented by residents, studying prices, customer service, and products and from this investigation, we managed to generate some important insights for the direction for Banca: it should be born already included in the historical context of the city of Canela.

brand personality
and business direction

the neighboring
archetype used as a base

After this analysis, we understand that the Neighbor archetype perfectly represents all the intentions that the Banca was proposing - easy recognition, friendly and aware of the environment and roots, with this in mind, we work with this direction of communication not only in materials and visual identity that we produce but also in the service posture of the Banca employees and also in the business purpose printed by the brand and the environment.

Hence the decision to use this attachment that mixes nostalgia with a garb of whimsy, but that at the same time does not break the line of the gourmet, remaining true to its purpose and its personality as a neighbor. The work was focused on presenting the Banca da Matriz as if it were already there all the time for the resident and was increasingly seen as a cultural place for the resident, which ends up reaching the tourist through the local indication itself.

consolidating itself
and attracting the right audience

Banca is already a
success and reaches
more and more your customer

Running since October 2020, Banca da Matriz has already reaped the fruits of a job done with care, dedication and study, where it managed to cut some points from the insights generated by this whole process of creating the brand and also by the experience and confidence of the its partners in the work of Duck. In addition to offering excellent options, until then inaccessible to local residents, Banca also consolidates itself as a fair option for quick and different snacks, giving new meaning to bread with mortadella and other dishes using the spices sold locally. You can check the full case in the video. 54 9 9926 9196

R. Madre Verônica, 250 - Sala 403
Centro, Gramado - RS (Brazil)

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