Beyond a simple logotype, we translate the entire personality of
your company into a brand, focusing on your business strategy.

We create and redesign brands that emphasize the difference and personality of your company.

The Strength of the Concept

Apple, Adidas, Netflix. Great brands that carry much more than their product. This is what we focus on Duck, the creation of a solid brand that reflects the company's concept in its attitude and look.


The repositioning comes when the brand no longer communicates with the company's intentions. If there is a significant change in the company's culture and in the target audience, a rebrand is an essential solution.

Materials included

The brand must remain cohesive in its materials and developments, so we have included in the process of creating the brand all the printed and digital materials that your company may need.

Building a solid brand

We have a process that guarantees the construction of a solid brand and aligned with the company.


The first step in our branding process is a deep immersion in order to understand all the important points that will support the project. It is a conversation and brainstorming with the client to raise ideas and concepts, and connect the company's objective with what will be developed.


After the Immersion stage, we will start deep research in the project, seeking to identify which public profile we are communicating with, make a detailed analysis of references and inspirations, and gather as much data as possible in a final document that will be the north of the country. project thereafter.


When the research stage of the project is completed, we will then begin the development of the materials themselves, including logo, visual identity, and graphic materials. Every creative project will be based on and referenced in the elaborated research, thus ensuring that the material being created is aligned with the company's concept and the target audience.

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We build from the choice of name and conceptualization to identity.

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We are a design studio that offers creative solutions regardless of the size of your business. 54 9 9926 9196

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