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The Quartier Latin is a historic dance school in Santo André / SP and a national reference within classical ballet, which with its more than 30 years has consolidated itself from the shows out of the mind of its brilliant creator, Marisa Ballarini. After consolidating itself in tradition, the school sought to reposition and modernize itself, offering several other workshops and a new work proposal. Our job was to pass on this beautiful story and also this transformation to the new Quartier website!


Quartier Latin

design studio
Duck Design Studio
Research and ux
Gabriel Sauer
ui designer
Eduardo Matos
Front-end dev.
Eduardo Matos

synchronicity and
mpathy for the project

affinity as a
communication mechanism

Since the first meeting with the Quartier team, we have built an excellent relationship, based mainly on the respect that we instantly develop for the artistic work developed by the São Paulo school. Marisa and Quartier think of dance and movement as a great tool for expression and creation, to take the viewer to unimaginable places - and in the same way, we understand that design is also the means to do the same.

Considering the pandemic scenario, which made it impossible for us to visit the school in person, we sought from interviews with students, alumni, and school staff all the details and feelings that Marisa's work had throughout the life and career of each of these people.

Understanding how the impact of dance and movement was essential to the lives of these people also illuminated us in relation to the development of an interface rich in animations and images.

is movement

uniting artistic
purpose with
commercial objectives

Movement and dance are rich and complex art forms. But how to present them on a screen while still maintaining the commercial goals of attracting new students and presenting the workshops?

We seek to find the balance between the two proposals, organizing the page structure of the website from scratch and applying the signature and originality of the Quartier wherever possible, without compromising navigation - which is a very common problem on sites that aim for awards and leave the usability aside. We inspired the animations from shows that Marisa had documented and also from the project of the new school that was under construction.

The website redesign sought to bring a little piece of what the Quartier is to a completely different medium from the stage and to a completely new audience. After more than 30 years, it was necessary to understand the behavior of a new generation, much more immediate concerning its results and its commitment, but needing art more than ever to express itself. The whole process led us to reflect how much art is still a big part of our lives and how the stage is a portal to other realities, both for those who expect and for those who are dancing. 54 9 9926 9196

R. Madre Verônica, 250 - Sala 403
Centro, Gramado - RS (Brazil)

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