the project

An extremely innovative project coming from the traditional FCC industry, a manufacturer of materials from Vale dos Sinos, needed to have all its creation done from scratch - from the choice of a name to the conceptualization and its materials, which would be applied to the innovative 3D products that brand would produce. Get to know Lebbre and all the details of its birth!


FCC / Lebbre

design studio
Duck Design Studio
art direction
Vinícius Muller
research and content
Gabriel Sauer
Eduardo Matos
Vinícius Muller
Gabriel Sauer
Eduardo Matos
Vinícius Muller

creation platform
for fashion

technology valuing
creativity in fashion

Despite the lack of definition of a name or concepts related to the brand, the FCC project had a very clear purpose and an extremely aligned team, aiming at the use of 3D technology as an expansion of possibilities for fashion designers. This intention already differentiated the company from the others,

which usually only offered the technology as being the most modern or the best, but not worrying about the countless incredible applications that 3D printing allows. Precisely from this break, we were able to define Audacity and Daring as the brand's main values, which serve as a platform for co-creation within fashion.

nature as
a metaphor

the animal hare and its characteristic affinities
with the company

Having its roots of personality formed, we were consequently able to seek metaphors for all the important values ​​that the brand intended to pass on. In this, we find in the figure of the Hare an excellent example - the animal has quite interesting characteristics, such as the speed of repositioning itself if a predator sees it, which is a parallel with the dynamism that the company can employ from the flexibility of applications that 3D material has.

Another characteristic is the freedom of movement that the animal has, being very easy to adapt to different habitats in nature, which also, metaphorically, means the creative freedom to explore new environments and possibilities with the tranquility of adaptation that the material has.

The name, in addition to all these characteristics, sounds urgent and fast, endorsing all other characteristics in the speech itself.

creating the identity

modernism and the fragmentation
of styles

Finally, we built three mood boards in order to align and position the ideal form of communication that the team envisioned for the brand. One mood board was conceptual, the other modern and the last one going more to the fun side. The final result ended up being a great mix of all bringing elements of pop art mixed with minimalism and original and striking color approaches. This type of mixture of different styles is a very common feature of modern brands.

Based on this name and direction, we built the symbol and logo based on design proportions that respected and made possible the applications of the brand in products in a clear way for the final consumer. 54 9 9926 9196

R. Madre Verônica, 250 - Sala 403
Centro, Gramado - RS (Brazil)

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