the project

The Gramado Summit in its 2020 edition already presents itself as the largest meeting of startups and innovation in Latin America. In a dedication phase, identity presents an event that sets trends and guides the direction of the entire ecosystem.

The synthesis of this whole scenario and the main sales channel for the event is the website, and we work hard on it.


Gramado Summit

design studio
Duck Design Studio
UX designers
Eduardo Matos
‍Gabriel Sauer
UI Designer
Eduardo Matos

contemplating the importance
of Gramado Summit

immersion in the project

After the 2019 edition, we had to take time to reflect on what the event meant from this point forward. Right after its biggest edition, with more than 3,000 people/day and a hundred exhibitors and speakers, the positive and central impact of Gramado Summit on the macro aspect was remarkable, influencing

directly the ecosystem of the new economy and also in the micro, where individually each participant absorbed content and made connections that catalyzed their transformative power.

aesthetics as a representation
of transformation

designing the website

We had a great concern to place these perceptions within the project, respecting the new main color, black, which communicates precisely all this power while its 3D elements represent the liquidity and suppleness of a rapidly growing ecosystem.

At the same time, access to ticket purchase and navigation clarity could not be neglected due to the interface concept, which is a very heavy challenge within the UX / UI area.

animating the website in a
smart and modern way

programming the project

Finally, when programming the project, we try to be smart and use animation as a resource to make the design pulse and invite the user to immerse in the event, even one year before the next edition.

Ensuring that these animations do not make the browsing experience a nightmare on slower devices was also a precaution, but one that is made much easier in the post-flash internet era. 54 9 9926 9196

R. Madre Verônica, 250 - Sala 403
Centro, Gramado - RS (Brazil)

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