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We at Duck Design Studio have produced a course in partnership with Mentorama where we teach beginner designers how to start their career in Web Design, classes range from learning tools to studying market strategies.

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The course structure is divided to evolve your learning as you pass the modules, gaining knowledge of the tools necessary to create your work.

What you will learn in the course.

Tools and Techniques

Throughout the course you will learn to work with several current web design tools, such as Figma and Adobe XD. In addition to complementary knowledge in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign.

UX and Strategy

In addition to knowledge in the tools, another great strength of the course is the UX modules, where you will understand what it is about and how UX is applied in real Web Design projects.

Website Design and LP

During the course modules you will work on specific cases for each subject. In some cases you will need to develop website design and landing pages.


In addition to the complete knowledge of web design, we have a specific module that deals with typography, where you will learn how to use the right font in each case.

Website Platforms

Transforming the design we create into a real website is extremely important. That is why one of the course modules speaks specifically about Wordpress, one of the tools on the market today for creating websites.

Presenting your work

A strong quality of a good designer is knowing how to present his work, and in this course we will teach you the best techniques and practices to present the design of a website to your client, with professionalism and quality.

The way we
see design.

One of the great differentials of this course is that we put into practice all our experience and vision of design that we live on a daily basis here at Duck. This gives flexibility in the modules to not only teach the practical and robotic part of the tools and frameworks, but to bring our real experiences working with design and applying this with the theoretical part of the studies.

We use design thinking methodologies heavily at Duck for the development of our projects, and this way of applying design ends up being passively addressed in the course during the modules.

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If you are just starting out in the field and still have a very basic knowledge of design, this course can be very good for you. As the name of the course already says, you will start in Web Design by learning from very basic things to slightly more advanced techniques.


If you already work with graphic design but have never worked in the area of ​​website design, this course will help you a lot to acquire all the basic concepts of Web Design so that you can gather your knowledge of graphic design and add it in a complementary way when developing websites .

How the course structure works

So that you can study and at the same time apply your knowledge in practice, the course has an intelligent structure so that you can answer questions with the instructors and validate your work as you progress in the completed modules.

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You take classes online

First you watch the classes that will be available on the Mentorama platform, the classes are divided into modules.


You do your homework

At the end of each module you will do a homework to validate all the knowledge that was acquired in that module.


Feedback from teachers

After completing the homework, we will evaluate the submitted work and give the necessary feedbacks so that you can evolve with the tips.

Much more than theory, the differential of the course is the proximity to the job market, you will learn from professionals who have been working in the field for more than 10 years.

Duck Design Studio

Meet the teachers.

With great pleasure, we at Duck will be teachers of 12 modules in the course and we will be closely monitoring your evolution in Web Design! If you don't know us, we are a design studio in Gramado (RS) specialized in UX / UI and Branding projects.

Our professionals have been working in the field for more than 6 years, working with clients of different sizes and different types of projects, and with our experience we have already been awarded on some sites that highlighted the quality of our work.

Awwwards - 2020
Website award
Awwwards - 2019
Website award
Mindsparkle Magazine
Honorable mention
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Rafael felício

Head of Design and Marketing at ioasys

The first part of the course, which has 15 modules, is taught by Rafael Felício, an experienced designer who has large companies in his portfolio and is undoubtedly a reference when it comes to Web Design!

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